An Important Stage: the maritime works are close to being finished

A succession of difficult weather episodes. A delicate context regarding the maritime works for Portier Cove Mareterra. There is cause for satisfaction for the Bouygues TP Monaco teams: the closure of the main sites that require maritime resources.

Rain, wind and waves. The weather in October and November did not make the task of the teams working on the site for the offshore extension of Monaco any easier. The schedules should be complied with, however, if Christophe Hirsinger, Director of Bouygues TP Monaco, is to be believed. “The work on land has hardly been affected at all.

We have succeeded in complying with our scheduled deadline. The work is due to be completed in mid-December. However, these weather conditions slowed down the positioning of the rocks and blocks at the quay that will form the link between the ring of caissons and the land near Le Larvotto somewhat.”

There is nothing to be concerned about, in the manager’s opinion, because in his words, “we had envisaged gaining a little time and being ahead of schedule at this site. The weather conditions will prevent the gain, but we should still be within our scheduled conclusion by the Christmas holidays.” 72 quay blocks will be put into place in the next few days, while according to Christophe Hirsinger, “the remaining work is going well, and will be done as per our plans”. This is a relief.

With most of the maritime works reaching their conclusion after three years of construction, the weather should have less of an impact on the project’s future.

This article was originally published in the December 2019 edition of the Gazette de Monaco.