Mareterra Monaco: On track for 2022

Monaco’s new waterfront eco-district and one of Europe’s most ambitious construction projects, Marettera, is taking shape. With the new development scheduled for completion in 2025, work is well underway, with the land reclamation project having met significant milestones over the past few years. Here we explore some of the latest updates on work at Mareterra Monaco during the last quarter of 2021 and early 2022.

Mareterra Monaco: Municipal Council agree on new names 

At a meeting held on January 24, 2022, Monaco’s Municipal Council agreed on several new names for different areas of the principality’s new eco-district. The eastern part of Mareterra will now include the Valley of the Pinede, Mareterra Avenue and the Prince Jacques Promenade. 

The western part of the development will feature the Quai du Petit Portier and the Place Princesse Gabriella. Additionally, the swimming pool at Mareterra Monaco will be called Princess Charlene, a nod to the princess's swimming accomplishments. Finally, one of the development’s many green spaces has been given the moniker Pine Forest. 

Mareterra Monaco: A hive of activity

A large workforce was mobilised before the 2021 festive break to ensure key projects were completed by the end of the year at Mareterra Monaco. This included the installation of new staff changing rooms and offices and the development of micro piles, which will form the foundations of a new Japanese Garden pagoda.

Work on Le Renzo, a series of waterfront residences, is well underway, with construction being completed on level R + 5 of block 1 and R + 7 of block 2, including the building of the future terraces and balconies.  

The design of these world-class residences is by the award-winning Renzo Piano Building Workshop. The buildings celebrate Monaco’s place at the heart of life in the Mediterranean. Set above a small, bustling harbour, the residences of Le Renzo will offer world-class amenities, spectacular sea views, and luxurious interiors.

Mareterra Monaco buzzes with more than 800 workers

At the end of 2021, Mareterra Monaco had more than 800 workers on site, working across multiple workshops.

Work has now started on four luxury villas, with the installation of piles currently being carried out, which will support the villas.

Les Villas at Mareterra Monaco will offer a rare opportunity for investors to purchase a modern-day nod to Monaco’s palatial Belle Epoque villas. Each villa will provide a unique layout and design, a private swimming pool, and panoramic sea views.

Completion of concrete piles signals a major milestone 

In late October, the installation of the last concrete pile was completed, signalling a significant milestone in the development of Mareterra Monaco. Despite the global pandemic and the additional challenges COVID-19 has presented, the completion of the concrete piles was ahead of schedule, with this project initially slated for completion in early 2022. 

The concrete piles will support the various structures of Mareterra Monaco, including the many luxury residences, shops, the public car park, and the extension of the Grimaldi Forum. Such was the scale of this project that it required the use of the largest drilling rig in Europe.

Luxury living at Mareterra Monaco 

Once complete, Mareterra Monaco will offer 110 apartments and 10 super prime villas, six of which will be located directly on the waterfront. Residents will not only enjoy living in Monaco’s most exclusive address but will also enjoy living in the principality’s most sustainable destination. The eco-development will boast a raft of green features and state-of-the-art technology to align with Prince Albert II’s aim of reaching carbon net zero in 2050.

To learn more about the luxury residences for sale at the new eco-district of Mareterra Monaco, contact Ageprim.

Published: 31/01/22