Monaco Land Extension: Role of the Technical Supervisor

The technical supervisor of the Portier Cove land extension has an essential role in this project destined to host new apartments in `Monaco.

Three levels of control are in place for the maritime infrastructure part of Monaco’s land extension project. The first relies on the various co-contractors, the second on Bouygues TP and the third is the responsibility of Socotec, an independent third party with an agency in Monaco. Due to the specific nature of the project, the contractor has expanded Socotec’s technical supervisor role beyond the checking of documents and monitoring of the work underway in the field.

The technical supervisor is also involved in the work taking place outside the Principality, such as in Marseille, where the 18 caissons were manufactured. In addition, the technical supervisor makes counter-calculations for particularly complex works and assists the contractor with environmental issues and risk analyses. Socotec also plays a strategic role in Monaco land extension project’s insurance mechanism: it is partly on the basis of reports prepared by the technical supervisor that the insurance companies deliver guarantees that the works will be carried out properly.

land extension

A 10-year task

The technical supervisor has been involved in the Monaco land extension since 2015, when it helped with the early development of the project. Its role will continue until the completion of the land extension in 2025. However, the contractor has now planned a programme of follow-up and maintenance for after the handover and beyond. During the design phase of the project, the technical supervision team reviewed more than 1,500 documents for the maritime infrastructure part alone. Since the beginning of the construction phase, more than 4,500 documents have already been checked.  Hafid Tabet, director of the technical supervision mission in charge of the project, has a permanent office in the Fontvieille district and works with the support of nearly 30 specialists, including a core team of around 10. He mobilises the team from Socotec’s Monaco agency and also works with expert engineers from Socotec Infrastructure, not forgetting the special partnership with COWI, a Danish office specialising in maritime works.

Good cooperation

The monitoring of work in the field could be viewed with apprehension by other people involved in the Monaco land extension project but this is not the case at the construction site. “We all collaborate well and my task is not seen as an obstacle, but rather as a constructive contribution,” says Mr Tabet. “We organise daily exchanges of information and are all aware of the importance of each person’s role.” A trained engineer and the former director of the Eau et Sols business cluster in Paris, Hafid Tabet was attracted by the size of the Monegasque project and did not hesitate when he was offered the job.

“This is an out-of-the-ordinary, exciting construction site. It is probably one of the most exceptional sites that an engineer could lead,” he says. It will be the last project of his long career: Hafid Tabet will be retiring when the Monaco land extension project is finished.

Adapted from an article by Georges-Olivier Kalifa, published in the March 2019 edition of the Gazette de Monaco.